Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Spacers for rims Good or Bad - A brief description

Wheel spacers- the name itself describes what they are made for? While most of us keep discussing what they are made of, why they are used and so on? A debate here arises is whether the spacers are good or bad for your rims? If bad, then why are they being used? If they are beneficial then how they impact your vehicle? Well, the experts from the team of Custom Made Only wheel spacer manufactures say that spacers for rims are no way harmful or ineffective. In fact they come with their own benefits that are worth noting down. Know their benefits here:
  • They provide better stance: Car owners most of the times keep wishing for better stance for their cards, and want to increase the stability of their vehicle even when they are running at higher speed. This is especially when they are braking or turning their cars. One of the best and easiest ways to enhance the stance of their ca is by installing wheel spacers in the rims. They are available for usual and racing cards and cost a lot less than buying an entire pair of vehicle tires that are wider spaced! Increasing the distance between the hub and axle, they bring suspension equilibrium.
  • Correction of Incorrect offset: When you desire to install different offset rims in your vehicle or reposition the entire offset of the rim of your favourite car then wheel spacers are a good option. They are safer, more stable and help the car to deliver greater balancing capacity even in rugged terrains. The additional balance and ornamental factor are one of the primary selling points for these small elements.
  •   Sturdy and Sporty look as they give an impressive, aggressive and macho look to your car. There are two different types of wheel spacers:

Slide on wheel spacers are the commonly used ones as they just slide over the existing bolds. All you will need is to remove the rim from the axle and refit the rim once you have slid them. They are available in a variety of thickness and designs.

Bolt on Wheel Spacers: These are the bolted one wheel spacers which require you to remove the rim from your vehicle. Then these wheel spacers are installed on the ends and a standard wheel nut is used in order to hold the spacer towards the end of axle. It is crucial to ensure that the wheel does not protrude past the outside face of bolt.

You can easily find both types of wheel spacers for rims in the market as well as on Custom made only. They can be made of billet or cast aluminium. The combination of aluminium with other alloys also provides the much anticipated strength to the spacers. Being easy to install and sporty to look, they are applauded by car lovers. Choose your pick from the vendor and get them installed to acquire wider wheels and greater balance.


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