Sunday, 26 March 2017

Ten Facts about Nissan Wheel Spacers That Will Blow Your Mind

Wheel spacers are used to customize a car’s appearance. They widen the base of the wheel of the car. You use the wheel spacers to give the vehicle a sporty look. The wheels of the vehicle will be pushed out by the wheel spacers. Wheel spacers do not just change the appearance of the car. Wheel spacers affect the other components of the car adversely. Installation of wheel spacers results in the quicker wear and tear in certain cases.

Let us discuss ten facts of Nissan wheel spacers.

1. Turning can be improved

You are facing problems in making a turn while driving in the past few days. This issue can be solved by using a set of wheel spacers. The wheel spacers have to be fitted properly to get the desired result.

2. Helps in the improvement of the performance of the vehicle

Car spacers help in enhancing the performance of your vehicle. If you want to improve the performance of your car, you can use small size spacers. The small size spacers help in enhancing the appearance of the car. The bigger size spacers made by Nissan help in clearance.

3. Spacers made in different sizes

You can find the right size of wheel spacers in Nissan. They are available in various sizes. You can get spacers in different levels of thickness.

4. Spacers made from different materials

Customadeonly provides Nissan wheel spacers that are made from various kinds of materials. You can get aluminum spacers as well as steel spacers. Aluminum spacers are resistant to rust and are overall lighter. On the other hand, steel spacers are stronger.

5. Attaining the perfect fit

Selecting the right model is essential when you decide to go in for installation of wheel spacers. You will be able to install your wheel spacers more smoothly if you can get the correct size wheel spacer.

6. Customization of wheels

The wheel adapters allow people to put custom wheels on their vehicle irrespective of the bolt pattern. Since people can use any bolt pattern of their choice, they can often select from a range of wheels that are larger, smaller or whatever fits the vehicle better.

7. Install longer studs along with the wheel spacers

It is a good idea to install wheel spacers along with longer studs. This helps in the proper fastening of the lug nuts on the wheels. While mounting wheels also, be sure to fasten the lug nuts securely.

8.  Enhancing the look of the vehicle

The wheel spacers can move the car wheels outward, so this adds a sporty look to the vehicle.

9. Improving the grip

Installing wheel spacers helps in improving the grip that the vehicle has in corners, resulting in cornering quickly.

10. Handling of the vehicle is improved

The wheel spacers assist in increasing the offset of a vehicle’s wheels. The handling of the vehicle is increased with the wheel spacers.

From the safety pint of view, some stores will not send to you if you have spacers. According to some people, lug patterns, extended lugs are not safe; other people argue they are safe. So you have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then decide if you want to install spacers in your vehicle.


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