Tuesday, 28 June 2016

5 Simple Facts About nissan wheel spacers Explained

You get a new car. Driving the vehicle for a few days, you find that you are having problems while making a turn. On visiting an auto technician, you find that the wheel does not have the right offset.  This requires you to correct the spacing between the wheel and the suspension of the machine. An effective way of solving this issue is to use a set of the Nissan Wheel Spacers. The spacers allow the wheel to fit properly, whether you need a gap of a few millimeters or a couple of them.  If you require solving the problem of the big brakes rubbing against the wheel, the spacers offer an ideal solution.

Improves Performance And Stability

Using a spacer adds the performance and stability of your vehicle. If you want to have plus size wheels and tires for your car, you can use the spacers, made by Nissan, to create the optimum fender well clearance.  To boost your handling of the car, you can push out the wheels a bit by using the unique small size spacers.  The small spacers also enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle, by pushing out the wheels that may be tucked inside, a bit.

Best Quality Material Used

There are no chances of a wheel spacer cracking up under any form of pressure. Nissan crafts the best quality aluminum and steel spacers, which push out the wheels to offer a wider look to your vehicle, besides broadening the wheelbase. A broad wheelbase improves the handling of the car and your vehicle also gets a bold look.  You get extended studs and lug nuts with the spacers. This may vary concerning the manufacturer, and also depends on the thickness you require.

Available In many Sizes

No matter what model of a car or other vehicle you are using, the Nissan wheel spacers are available in various sizes and you can find the right one at customadeonly.comthat is fit for your vehicle.  You can get the spacers with their thickness varying from 3 mm to 50mm. The Billet wheel spacer, made especially to fit any vehicle, no matter what the model and the make. Some spacers require the use of extended studs to complete the installation. In some other cases, you may need shortening the studs that you get with the original factory fittings.

Easy Availability

No matter what size you are looking for, you can easily get the spacers at your nearest car accessories store.  Go for the aluminum or the steel spacers, as per your liking. The spacers are available in hub-centric and wheel-centric varieties. Search the internet to find the authorized retailers who sell these spacers. The retailers also supply you with the additional hardware you require for fixing the spacers.  

Easy To Fit

Even a local car mechanic can fix the spacer quickly when you buy the correct one that suits your wheel.  Finding out the exact size of the spacers you require is a little tricky and depends on the reason why you are using a spacer.

To space out the wheels, you need to measure the gap between the inner fender lip and the outermost point of the tire. This gives you a measurement of the clearance available. In case, you have got a new set of wheels that are wider, add the width to the measure of clearance, to get the right size of spacers.


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